No Bake Cookie Dough

mmmm chickpeas are the main ingredient .. who would have thought ?? ūüėČ


ELECTRO-CUTE – E.P . Release Date T.B.C.

I am presently recording and producing a 4 track E.P. for release ¬†feat the track ” Be Yourself ” which has been receiving lots of positive feedback from All around the world from both fans and respected DJ’s,such as Justin Robertson (Bjork,Bugged Out,Sunday Best)

The Feel for the E.P. has come from  The DUB57 Live Electronic Jam events over the past 18 months which we have hosted ,with  DJMEZA ,Mickey Redvenom,Screwmaster Gee .Our First in Salford was graced by guest Mc  Donald D an original from the Bronx photographed in the early days of Hip Hop with Kool DJ Herc(Bronx Syndicate) Mickey Redvenom(Streetsounds Nu Electro 4),Aslan (Class Actions ) Legaci Productions,fusing Nu Skool Skills and sounds with an Old Skool Mentality and ethos.

Listen to the preview of ” Be Yourself ”

Musical History :

First Ever Records ; The Jungle Book ” I wanna be like you” David Bowie ” Space Oddity” from Woolworth’s in Salford Precinct.Fell in love with Reggae/Ska when someone had left The Album,” A Wonderful World of Reggae ” which¬†he still has to this day.

I collected many punk records from 1977-79 and fell in love with 2 tone Ska especially ” The Specials “second album’s sound production in the song ¬†“Stereotypes “.this led me to discovering 1960’s Ska and 70’s/80’s Reggae Dub and I went to loads of concerts by Sly and Robbie,Black Uhuru,the Wailers,Afrika Bambaata,Funkadelic,Steel Pulse,Third World,Aswad etc… in the early 80’s. It really was Reggae everwhere …

I was listening to tracks such as Planet Rock and Grandmaster Flash on import vinyl before the start of the Hip Hop/Electro explosion, I associated with the D.I.Y. ethos of The Hip Hop Scene back then and the multiracial ethics definitely resonated with me. I’d play these types of 12′ 45rpm records and music which were of the same quality and background like Sly and Robbies Album ,Rhythm Killers and artists on Zomba ,records such as Hugh Masekela/Electric Africa and Manu Dibango which were all produced in an Electronic/analogue style using Real instruments and Samplers/drum Machines etc…

The first musical device I ever possessed was a mini radio powered by a battery,then a portable cassettte recorder which I loved experimenting with ,making plane and train sounds with my mouth,recording them until perfect.The first serious bit of kit was a dynamic microphone then an echo machine which I’d use with 2 cassette decks and a fixed speed record deck to create mixes with overdubs and effects .Early Electro/Hip Hop 12′ records normally had accapella and instrumental versions,so I’d always buy them to make cassette mixes to share with mates.

I’d play the mixes before and after Gigs for local bands and then the Ska band ” The Swampcats “, who were infamous for wild but friendly outdoor parties pre-criminal justice bills. These all night parties where held in varous places such as beside an industrial wasteland ,Irlam Steelworks,also on the Northwest Coast of England in such places as Ainsdale and Formby Beach in the sand dune’s and GlastonburyFestival ¬†in the days when Sound Systems and Vehicles were allowed inside the Festival’s perimeter. We would take shift’s and keep the music going 24 hrs a day for the duration of the festival.

I then went Music Technology College across town in 1987 learning about midi,multitrack recording and synthesisers where I met up with Trevor and Chopper from Megatone Sound System and became good friends.I learnt my first ever bassline from those guy’s ,a 12 bar rhythm and blues,so I then bought a Westone Thunder Active bass and played and sang Ska/punk/funk songs for the Swampcats in 1987-89

To Be Continued ……